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Brand audit


Do you want to find out if your brand is using its maximum potential? What can you improve to make it more memorable? Or what is your brand's role in the fact that your company's profits are not at the level you expect? We can help you find the answers.

We have experience in branding in many industries. We know effective solutions - from logo design to positioning in the market and hitting your audience's needs. Our experts will look at your brand and market segment with an expert's eye to suggest solutions that will help you get off the ground and realize your brand's full potential.

As experts on the outside, we'll also help you see things you often can't see from the inside when you're interacting with your brand and marketing materials on a daily, non-stop basis. Such fresh insights can make a huge difference - we've tested this many times.


Analytical meeting

We will take a closer look at how your brand looks and performs - from the visual and communication side. We'll also talk about areas that need special attention and those business results you want to improve, which are directly affected by the perception of your brand.strony wizualnej i komunikacyjnej. Porozmawiamy też o obszarach, które wymagają szczególnej uwagi i tych wynikach biznesowych, które chcesz poprawić, a na które bezpośrednio oddziaływuje postrzeganie Twojej marki.

Brand image analysis

To co myślisz o swojej marce, a to jak postrzegają Cię klienci, to czasem dwie różne rzeczy. Sprawdzimy, jak Twoja marka prezentuje się w oczach potencjalnych klientów i czy ten wizerunek zgadza się z Twoimi założeniami biznesowymi.

Market research

No brand exists in a vacuum. Your customers perceive you in a specific way against your competitors (even if you think you don't have any) and current trends. We will examine these elements to get a good understanding of the context in which your brand operates.

Report with recommendations

Based on the data collected, we will prepare a report that will clearly show you what to improve or change to achieve specific results for your business. You decide which of these changes you want to make - and whether you want to do it with our help.

Brand audit — case studies

See stories from clients who have already benefited from a brand audit at 247 Studio.

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Frontend Development

Communication strategy

Visual Identity

At 247 Studio, we have experience in creating effective, memorable brands in many industries and at different stages of business development.

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Answers to your most burning questions about brand auditing

What is a brand audit?

A brand audit is an in-depth analysis of your brand. It's a comprehensive exercise during which we look at various aspects of your brand, including:

  • How your brand is perceived by customers
  • How it compares to the competition
  • How it works for your business
  • What you can change to make it work better.

We also prepare specific recommendations that you can implement (with or without us).

Does my brand need a rebrand?

That's what we'll find out after a brand audit. But if you can already see that your brand is not meeting your business objectives, is not attracting customers, is not keeping up with the company's growth, or is no longer in line with the company's values or market needs (including when you open up to new markets), then you are very likely facing a rebranding.

However, we can check all this thoroughly in the brand audit process.

How long does a market study take?

The market survey normally takes 10 to 15 working days.

What does market research consist of?

We check such elements as:

  • brand environment
  • it's closest competition
  • prevailing industry trends
  • dominant themes.

In short, we look at what context it functions in and what realistically affects it.

What does a brand analytics report contain?

Among other things, you will find in the analytical report:

  • interpretation of the current brand image from a market perspective
  • analysis of visual industry standards
  • sign construction analysis
  • evaluation of typography and color characteristics
  • Recommendation on brand positioning in the market

What to change about the brand to make it work more effectively for the business?

We don't have a definite answer to this question - and certainly before we meet and get to know your brand. A lot depends on how it currently functions, how it looks and communicates, and how your customers perceive it. And that's what we'll check carefully during a brand audit.

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