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Frontend development


When your website or app goes live, it’s – at least in theory – the final stage of the branding agency’s work. But every now and then, it’s also when it becomes clear that the reality has failed to meet your expectations. It turns out that one thing you really wanted to work “is impossible,” and the final look and functionality are not what you approved during the design and prototyping stages.

At 247 Studio, we have an interdisciplinary team of experts who work on your website from the concept stage to deployment. You can be sure that what we agreed on for the prototype is what you’ll get when the website finally sees the light of day (and the Internet.)

Your website will not just be pleasant to look at but also functional, fast, and easy to edit (if that’s what you need it to be.)

And most of all, we’ll build it to be an effective asset for your business and a helpful resource for your customers.


Web development

At 247 Studio, we build websites and apps according to your exact requirements. We know the benefits and drawbacks of different technologies and can recommend the right one based on your specific goals and needs.


Want your website to stand out with more than just the design? We can create animations and user micro interactions that’ll make it both eye-catching and usable.

CMS/ API/ CRM integrations

If you need to integrate your new website with key internal systems and external software tools your company uses, we can help with that, too.

Project management

We can also coordinate the entire process of designing and building your website, from the initial designs all the way to the testing phase. A project manager on our end will keep a close eye on everything, always in touch with your team.

Frontend development – case studies

Read some of the frontend development stories of the brands we’ve worked with.

Digital Design

Communication strategy

Web Design

Frontend Development

Visual Identity

At 247 Studio, we’ve built dozens of websites for brands across multiple industries and at different growth stages.

Need a website that grabs attention and keeps it?

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Answers to the most burning questions about frontend development

Why should I hand over frontend development to your agency and not a software house or an internal web development team?

When you work with one team responsible for graphic design, interface, and coding, you can be sure that everything is aligned and following the requirements that we’ve all agreed on during the project.projekt graficzny, interfejs i wdrożenie strony masz pewność, że wszystko jest ze sobą spójne i spełnia Twoje założenia wypracowane w toku trwania projektu.

You don’t have to look for additional service providers or worry about designer-developer communication. It all happens on our end, saving you yet another long meeting and multiple Slack and email threads.  

What’s your tech stack?

We specialize in React, Next.js, Sanity CMS, and WebFlow. But which technology we’ll recommend for your project really depends on several factors, and most of all, your needs, including:

  • how interactive the page needs to be
  • how fast it should load
  • whether you want to be able to easily edit it later
  • what other tools it needs to integrate with.
  • etc.

We’ll get that all figured out at the beginning of our work together, along with the project estimate.

What does the website creation process look like?

  • At this stage, a lot of the work happens behind the scenes in the software development team writing the code.  
  • Then, we perform a bunch of functional tests to see how things work, including on different systems and devices.
  • We task all the bugs to our developers in Asana, who then fix them.
  • Only then do we share the website with you, our client, so you can test it on your end and see if it’s indeed what you approved during the prototyping stage.
  • When we’re done fixing things, we deploy the website, including domain transfers and link redirects, so that everything works and connects like it’s supposed to.

How can I report bugs I found on the website?

We work in Asana, and that’s where you can report website issues, which we’ll, of course, fix. If you want us to make additional changes that go beyond the initial scope of the project, we’ll discuss the options and the cost.

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