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Barberhood - Welcome to the hood

8-person team. Expanding assortment. New place. The brand's new branding had to accurately reflect the true Barber passion translated into Barberhood's values. On the one hand, Barberhood has already created its recognizable and eye-catching character. 
 On the other hand, it is improving dynamically. A concrete, strong image and openness to novelties needed to be combined in a single, stylish and original visual identity.

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Antyrama sp. z o.o.

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beauty, services

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It is not uncommon for existing salons to take on a similar tone of communication - also in the visual layer. The white, blue and red bars visible on the streets today receive an unambiguous connotation. In order to gain attention among them, you need to speak to your Audience with a firm and consistent voice.

BARBERHOOD was the first barbershop in Rzeszów. And one of the first 

in Poland. At a time when the word “barber” was an exotic curiosity. Today it is both a barber shop and a men's cosmetics store.

Stały wzrost - zarówno zainteresowania grupy docelowej, a także chęci do dalszego rozwoju w tym sektorze - wymagał skonkretyzowania wartości marki w jednej identyfikacji wizualnej. Jeden salon w obliczu rozrastającego się zespołu przestał być wystarczający.

The market for men's cosmetics in 2020 reached a value of as much as $70 billion, according to Research and Market. The numbers are behind an increasingly visible awareness of male grooming. It is not for nothing that men's hairdressing is an extremely strong and still developing profession today.

More and more men are taking up the profession of barber, and the number of barbershops is proportionally increasing. This is today a valued and necessary craft in view of the above data. However, in a market that is still growing, you need to be able to present yourself properly.

Barberhood sygnet

The iconic place on the map of the city has already crystallized its own character. The newly opened living room with a completely modern style was something new. It was necessary to create a graphic language that skillfully accommodates the aesthetics of both places and at the same time parallels the personality of Barberhood.

The design of the logo combines elegant simplicity with a firm, hard touch. For this, white and black are used, which form the background for an expressive font with wide shapes. A distinctive feature is also two swords with sharp ends, which adapt to the text depending on the reformatting.

brand new barberhood

The rebranding has been enriched with key visuals and accidents that work together visually. This is how the templates were designed aesthetically coherently for use in SoMe.

The colors used in the prepared key visual were to reflect the character of both Barberhood salons. Always elegant black blends with a calm shade of green. They are the background for the brand's characteristic swords and graphics.

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