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The dynamically developing aesthetic medicine industry brings with it not only a huge interest in treatments, but also a number of challenges. Doctors need to constantly improve their qualifications in order to meet the expectations of patients and keep abreast of any innovations. In response to these needs, HubMed meets them by offering a solution with access to the latest knowledge, specialists and treatment procedures accessible from anywhere.


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Medical Education, Aesthetics Medicine, Community Managment, Online Training

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The challenge was to create a name and visual identity that would stand out from the already heavily saturated market.

We also had to anticipate the scalability of this multifunctional platform and balance the visual communication so that it would give a sense of trust and at the same time be accessible in reception.

The logo symbolizes the diversity of topics and products offered by the platform, which is united by the human factor — the community of experts behind them.

The main palette draws inspiration from natural colors, which is complemented by stronger accents characteristic of individual sub-brands. Timeless, serif free typography balances the dynamics of other elements, bringing harmony to the creation.

The geometric pattern, inspired by the logo, allows its versatile use in a variety of formats and scales. The use of this element breaks the calm, minimalist aesthetic.

The created identification is intended to support the brand in attracting new audiences, during its debut on the market.

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Frontend Development

Communication strategy

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Visual Identity

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