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Future Mind, as a team of visionaries with a business mindset and dexterity, developers needed an equally universal identification. The visual site of Future Mind is an expression of cybernetism and technology, around which the constantly evolving offer focuses. The result was a new visual identity combining aspects of business, technology and the foresight characteristic of Future Mind.

Scope :

Client :

Future Mind Sp. z.o.o.

Industry :

technology, it, consulting

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Each time we use the information obtained to define the purpose of the project.

01 — discover

The first stage of the design process was the Discover phase, where we engaged in an inspiring brainstorming session to lay the foundations of the partnership, expectations, goals and schedule.

02 — define

In the next stage - Define, we defined the design problem, verified the most important values, selected the strongest features and key differentiators of the brand. The basis of the project was created and the brand message was established.

03 — design

After determining the basics, we started the Design process, in which we presented recommendations for many concepts, for the client to choose. The decision defined the main direction of the project.

04 — deliver

The final step and perhaps one of the most important elements of the process was Deliver. The developed concepts have been refined to the final form for the full effect of the presented brand and product.

Digital Advisory & Delivery

The market is gradually saturated and brands face a double challenge. Despite the diversity in the range of services offered, digital is often associated with a single whole. It is on the communication of brands that their proper identification depends. More: you need to speak out loud to gain recognition in the industry.

The brand, which comes from the widely understood software development today, has multiplied its own competencies. Thanks to this, they support in conducting business in digital areas on many levels. The rebranding entrusted to us was intended to clearly indicate this.

The process of creation embraced the concept of flexibility.

Therefore, the prepared rebranding will be universal, and at the same time unique and unambiguously associated with Futuremind. In order not to lose track of the strategy for further development.

As a brand that relies on the digital world - it required the right detail. They bet on animations. The result of their implementation forms a whole consistent with the profile of the brand's activity.

Futuremind IG post
Futuremind project preview
Futuremind okładka artykułu

UI - UX of the Future Mind website

The task that the design was supposed to fulfill was to take into account the user experience. The resulting aesthetics of the site was intended to clearly expose the multifaceted range of services. At the same time embody the level of the brand with development aspirations.

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