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Digimental - Digital Animals

The challenge in cooperation with Digimental was to create such a brand personality that would simultaneously reflect existing projects and unusual ideas. In addition, a hindering aspect in the functioning of Digimental was that it was not previously exhibited as a design studio. This is how branding, key visual, website design, animations and promotions were created, and social media was planned.

Scope :

Client :

Digimental Studio Ltd.

Industry :

technology, 3d design

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Digimental typography

Standards in the design sector - like other industries - are constantly modified in favor of changing trends. One of them is design using 3D technologies.

Maximum minimalism.

In the world of colors, emoji and video, simple lines and colors intrigue better than many baroque works. A convention has been created, according to which it is possible to use different reformats of the logotype and the possibility of combining it with graphics, creating a synergistic mosaic in the perception.

Digimental 2021

As the brand responsible for the establishment of the innovative Hape brand - operating 
in the field of blockchain - she was supposed to gain a personality as expressive as the projects prepared by her.

247 faced the challenge of composing a branding, the final result of which was to be a visual manifesto of the brand. Digimental is a project creator that goes beyond convention - and so is the brand's personality.

Digital Design

Communication strategy

Frontend Development

Web Design

Visual Identity

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