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Santi™ Diving Equipment

Being a leader in the diving equipment industry needs a whole lot of work on perfecting your products and your brand image. That’s what our client wanted to keep doing, asking us to refresh the brand to match the new brand communication strategy and keep up with the company’s continuous growth.

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Diving, production, distribution

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Santi is a well-known brand in the diving world. But they really needed a new, modern image to reflect its growth and change without discarding its traditions built over the past two decades. The new brand image was also necessary to connect the different projects Santi addressed to the diving community over the years.

Besides novelty and change, our client really wanted to retain its trademark brand communication elements like the Santi red color. They also needed a new website and an online store as well as designing new products, all of which we were going to be a key part of.

The scope of the project was really comprehensive, and we were here for it. So we got down to work, from refreshing the logo to designing a new line of products for both diving and land. All with a modern look and feel but keeping Santi’s key features that its customers had already gotten used to.

The new identity is based on geometric grids inspired by the golden ratio. We also expanded the color palette but kept the red as a highlight.

We designed and coded the new website and online store along with creating a set of promotional materials for different marketing communication channels.

As we’re writing this, the project is still waiting for its launch day. But we already know that the new visual identity, the website, and all the marketing materials made the Santi brand more consistent with a new, modern look that still ties in with the brand legacy.

The client also has a set of different visual elements and marketing materials they can flexibly use in the next years to create eye-catching and  memorable communication across marketing channels.

Modern product photographs combined with bold identification have resulted in a significant change in the image of the Santi Diving brand in line with its current characteristics.

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