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In the fast-paced and competitive realm of technology-driven companies, the imperative for online finances extends beyond functionality – it requires the creation of a brand that embodies modernity, reliability, and a customer-centric approach. Vellis emerges as a dynamic Neobank startup, dedicated to delivering tailored and comprehensive financial solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada and Europe.

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Banking, finance, technology

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Vellis approached us with the need to create a modern and credible brand, including the process of choosing an appropriate name, to gain trust among customers in the competitive environment.

Our mission was to establish a distinctive visual language that accentuated Vellis' unique approach, facilitating a confident market entry.

The letter 'V' serves as a key brand element, drawing inspiration from
the symbolic significance of victory. The wing-shaped logomark
metaphorically represents the pursuit of higher goals, growth, and

The flexible visual system allows for diverse layouts, ensuring a cohesive look across different formats. Unique line pattern, derived from the logo, unifies brand identity and creates a foundation for the customized iconography.

Three lines in a key visual also symbolize three sub-brands: NEO, PSP,
and TECH. Each of them has a unique gradient palette. This strategic use
of color not only sets segments apart but also strengthens Vellis'
overall brand presence. The dynamism incorporated into the visual
language is also a metaphor for constant changes, seeking the best fit
and customization.

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