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Hape - Fully 3D and built to unite the Ape multiverse

It all started with research. As a yet insufficiently clarified field based on the latest technologies, it required careful study. From blockchain, through everything related to NFTz, to meeting a completely new group of Audiences for us. And their unique needs and behaviors.The created visual identity balances on the border of the metaverse and quality that deserves to be called high fashion.

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3D design, blockchain

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Faced with a new understanding of digital, brands are created that become responsible for its creation. Their actions today are a bargaining chip to be ahead of the competition tomorrow. That is why awareness is so important in self-presentation.

HAPE is an NFT brand with animated avatars. It's one of the most oversubscribed NFTs in the world: an earlier creator collection — EXODUS — sold out in 4 hours.
NFT tokens are demanding, whimsical, and boring at the speed of light. Hape needed a new blow, the power of which is not only to be up to date with virtual reality, but to set its trends.

Hape — often called a pioneering brand in the area of blockchain, fashion and NFT tokens — needed an identification that would be seen as pioneering and above trends. 🦍

Eminem, Tony Hawk, Neymar Jr and - from the Polish backyard - Legia Warszawa. This highly diversified group from every angle has one thing in common: direct participation in the NFT market.

The strong coupling of the online and offline worlds is responsible for the creation of completely new sectors. The digital environment of the blockchain network is in the process of being defined, and those who participate and understand its evolving nature — receive a powerful partner.

We rebranded Hape with one goal. Not to rebuild, but to uplift and delight every member of their community.

The prepared identification for Hape was originally intended to be as unique as the profile of the business. Therefore, care was taken to select elements whose character attracts attention and at the same time synergistically cooperates with the visual whole.

Hape - as a leading brand in the futuristic sector - needed an equally spectacular visual layer. This is how the font was chosen, the form of which screams: there are no half-centers. Unmissable maximalism is an expression of indisputable self-confidence and strength.

The culmination of the project was an exhibition: we took care of an intriguing presentation of the prepared projects, among others in SoMe.

The still expansive NFT sector is taking shape and defining itself.

And Hape has a significant part to play in this. The already recognizable blockchain figure gains even more: an author-brand with an extremely conscious and having the power to shape the sector that is still being explored.

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