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What EONIC needed was to convert the image towards a more professional one. Their goal was to reach a very demanding business, national and European clientele. At the same time, DNAbrand — full of passion and expertise. We deliberately exceeded the standard and predictable, standard solutions. Thus, the project for EONIC was noticed and awarded in the Polish Graphic Design Awards competition.

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Electromobility is no longer a futuristic vision of the future. But it is the future that is being created. Electric vehicles aspire to be the standard on the roads of the world.

EONIC needed specific colors to indicate the future character of the brand. The strong color scheme that distinguishes itself in the industry has been softened by delicate lines and at the same time highlighted by eye-catching typography.

So why is e-mobility in Poland still considered attractive mainly for people who are environmentally oriented?

EONIC — as a company founded by electronics engineers, passionate about ecological solutions, decided to change this. This is how the brand was created, which synergistically combines a strong business message with an ecological mission.

The vegetation motif, emblematic for brands with an ecological profile, has been rejected. The basis for identification became action. In the creation of the idea determining the shape of EONIC, matter was taken as a sketch. Because technical prototypes come to life in electric vehicles that move along the road. This has become a brand symbol that brings to mind electrical wiring, combining the original and current activities of the brand.

A strong and award-winning brand has been created, and the Polish market has gained a responsible, conscious and substantive provider of e-mobility services.

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