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Avatar - Diving made easy

The main goal behind the identification was to reflect the contrasts that accompany the brand — on the one hand bold and daring, but at the same time balanced and experienced. We have created visual communication based on simple forms, which have been enriched with strong accents that emphasize the essence of the brand: adventure, freedom and innovation.

Take a breath and immerse yourself with us in the world of the Avatar brand created by divers for divers

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SNT Marine

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Production, Sales, distribution

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Imagine a world where your passion knows no bounds. Think of a world where temperature doesn't limit you in underwater adventures.

Diving made easier

For identification purposes, we created dedicated letters, which were based on a grid plotted in detail.

We have also developed a distinctive signet that can function independently of the logotype. By symbolism, it refers to the cycle of diving, breathing and refers in appearance to diving equipment called rebreather.

The logotype comes in many variants and layouts. The wide choice and multiplicity of applications translates into easy adaptation of the logo form to the chosen medium.

The color palette is also based on contrasts. A calm navy blue with a neutral range of gray is juxtaposed with strong touches of orange and red.

The function of these shades in the digital environment allows you to easily redirect the attention of the recipient to specific information. On the other hand, in terms of use, the product improves the visibility of the diver both under water and on the surface.

The dominant element of the creation are author's photographs, adapted to different themes of messages.

When working on the design of Avatar suits, we kept in mind not only technical aspects, convenience of use, but also the smallest details.

Innovative solutions and high quality have been combined with years of diving experience to create an affordable, lightweight and reliable suit to overcome the challenges of the underwater world.

Modern, fitted, ensuring maximum thermal comfort:

  • advanced ergonomic design for unmatched mobility
  • telescopic torso design guarantees freer body movement and adaptation under water
  • internal suspenders and crotch belt keep the suit in the correct position
  • nylon reinforcements on the knees and elbows, as well as a specially designed perineum protector, increase durability and prevent chafing in these areas
  • neoprene warmer provides reliable comfort in cooler water

Diving made easier.

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